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Download the free Seat Planner spreadsheet from our download page. Currently, The Seat Planner works best on windows but we are working on optimising the experience on mac. Please email us if you encounter any issues with the download.

Open the spreadsheet in Microsoft excel, making sure to enable macro's upon opening.

Enter the number of guests and either the number of guests per table or the number of tables. The Seat Planner will then automatically determine the omitted and assign extra guests to a smaller table. (2 extra guests will be added to a table to make one large table)

Complete the form with guest names and each of their 3 preferences using the drop down lists.

When you are ready, click the 'find a seat plan button' (Full version) or the 'Request A Plan' button (Request a plan version) to automatically get your completed seating plan for free.

In the Visual Plan tab you can easily add guests to table from the guest list or swap guests around. Simply toggle the amend/view button to 'amend', click a guest then click another, these guests will now be swapped. The view setting allows users to click guests to get guest info, but does not move guests around.

If you were impressed with the service please donate to help us make The Seat Planner even better! Don't hesitate to send us an email with feedback or issues.

How It Works

- The Seat Planner takes a guest list, where each guest has 3 other guests they would like to sit next to, and arranges the guests in a table plan such that each guest is sat next to at least one of their choices.

- The Seat Planner currently works for any table size and for up to 150 guests. We are currently working on increasing the number of guests without affecting the speed of the planner.

- Unfortunately, there are still occasions where The Seat Planner cannot arrange all your guests such that they are next to a preference. This happens when there are too many guests that have chosen 3 people that have not chosen them back, which makes it much harder to keep all your guests happy. We are always working on ways to improve this, currently The Seat Planner should not have an issue if less than 15% of your guests have this issue. 


Who we are

I am a University student in the UK who stumbled into creating The Seat Planner alongside my studies. A friend of mine was planning a party and was struggling to create a seating plan by hand. The project began as a simple question: "I wonder if I can create a spreadsheet that could do that". I then embarked on what became a 2 year journey to creating the working version of the seat planner. I ended up spending so much time on the planner that I wanted to share it with anyone that it might be of use to- and so made this website.

I may have missed my friends party, but there is always another one right? (Maybe not if you spend your evenings making a seat planner spreadsheet)

Commercial use

Currently The Seat Planner is only free to download for personal use. For commercial use please email us to for commercial use inquiries

Contact us


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