REQUest a plan VERSION:

The request a plan version of The Seat Planner is designed for use on mac or low power PC's. The free download allows users to easily create their own seating plan for a party or submit a request for a plan to be made for them using The Seat Planner methodology:

  • Create your guest list in your own time, asking guests to provide 3 other people they would like to sit next to.
  • Decide on the number of tables, or number of people per table.
  • Once completed, either 'request a plan' or 'create my own'.
  • Creating your own plan will take you to our easy to use visual UI where users can easily add guests to tables from the guest list, or swap guest's places. 
  • The request a plan option generates an email to The Seat Planner with an anonymised guest list for your party. The Seat Planner team will then run our program that will automatically create you a seating plan, ensuring all guests are sat next to a preference. All this for free!